How we get Colombia’s Finest at the best price

How we get Colombia’s Finest at the Best Price

It’s all about eliminating the middleman to respect the coffee growers
We started as a promise to our ancestors to bring their “Perrenque” – Their strength and will power to wake up every morning before dawn and check on the most rigorous process to ensure the best experience for gourmet tastes.
Best Colombian Coffee, Best Price!

Best Colombian Coffee, Best Price!

The traditional coffee chain supply is based on four participants namely: Farmer, Wholesaler/Exporter, Importer, and Roaster.

By having direct presence in Colombia and overseas we become the exporter and importer and efficiently reduce the supply chain.

This reduction allows us to offer lower prices to the roasters and higher prices to farmers, which gives them an incentive to provide us with their best lots of coffee.

You can purchase the flavor of an entire country full of traditions and ancestral coffee growers

Which one would you like to have today?

High quality coffee, produced by crafty farmers and experienced artisans from Colombia

Castillo Mild - Makondo Coffee

Castillo Mild

Castillo – Mild Roast

A splash o Nuts, panela, light notes of wood, medium acidity and light medium body.

Caturra Tangy & Sweet - Makondo Coffee

Caturra Tangy & Sweet


The perfect combination of sweet vanilla and tangy lime. A mild-silky body full of lime and caramel notes.

Lemongrass Java - Makondo Coffee

Lemongrass Java


Adventurously citrus. For spicy tastes. Medium acidity, full body. Lime & lemongrass aroma and flavor.

Red Julia - Makondo Coffee

Red Julia

Tabi Comite

A delicacy! Fruity and spicy, very sweet with vanilla, malt and notes of red fruits.

Indio Trujillo - Makondo Coffee

Indio Trujillo

Tabi Indio

A creamy body of chocolate and tangerine notes. With high acidity and floral taste.

Chocolate Pixao - Makondo Coffee

Chocolate Pixao


Tastes like chocolate!. Cocoa, cloves, peach, hazelnuts. Very spicy notes, medium citrus acidity, medium full body.

Java Anisetto - Makondo Coffee

Java Anisetto


Long-lasting creamy flavor! Fruity, licorice, peach, caramel, bright acidity, fuller body with a complex tangerine flavor at the end.

Fruits & Caramel - Makondo Coffee

Fruits & Caramel


The sweet combination between brown sugar and grapefruit that lingers on your taste. Very frutal, , lively acidity, mild body.

Pink Citrus - Makondo Coffee

Pink Citrus


The sweet taste of caramel with citrus notes, lime and coffee flowers. Mild body, citric acidity.

Brown Sierra - Makondo Coffee

Brown Sierra


A creamy chocolate body with a lingering taste of brown sugar. Delicate taste, subtle acidity, clean cup.

Best coffee, best price!

One of our experts is ready to help you getting the best coffee.

Ask any questions you may have.

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